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Creating a better world with better relationships.


Love Better

Making the world a more loving place
through conversations and resources


What is Love Better about?

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We're all just human, right?

The need to love and be loved is embedded into the human DNA. Yet so many of us wander around this planet not feeling loved and not fully aware of how to love those around us in meaningful ways.

We are born for relationships, yet we are not born with all the knowledge and skills it takes to nurture our relationships.  


Humans mess up

We get hurt. We hurt others. That cycle of pain takes a toll that lasts for generations. It’s hard to know how to make sense of all the damage. 

When pain and isolation give way to bitterness, hatred, violence, addiction and oppression, hope gets lost in the rubble. We see the fallout everywhere we turn and we feel the weight of all that is broken.


there is hope

Our intrinsic need for connection and community is stronger than we know. At Love Better, we are engaging in intentional conversations to help us understand ourselves and each other better.

We believe greater understanding of each other creates stronger relationships and more loving homes, which strengthen communities and make a better world!


Love Better Podcast Episode 18:

Our Story

This episode delves into some of the painful experiences that shaped us, made us question everything and eventually inspired this Love Better journey