Your Ripple Effect


Your life has a powerful ripple effect.  The truth is, most of us go about our days with little awareness of just how much our attitudes, behaviors, words, actions and reactions act as proverbial stones across the water.

The ripple effect of your life starts right at the center - inside the heart of you. So what do you believe about yourself? Are you hiding behind habits or mindsets that keep you from being a beacon of light in this dark world? 

It's easy to assume that influencers are the people in highly visible leadership roles.  Truth is, everyone who has relationships has influence.  Anyone watching your life - from near or far - is impacted profoundly by you.

I can't tell you the number of people I have watched from afar - people who had no idea.  Some of those individuals inspired me to live my life more fully, speak more honestly and face my fears more courageously.  Others showed me what I don't want my life and legacy to look like, but they impacted me nonetheless.

We recently sat down for a podcast conversation with Andy Andrews, whose parents died when he was 19 years old.  He is now a best-selling author whose life and work impacts millions of lives. We asked him who influenced his life in the early years to help him become the person he is today. He spoke of his parents, then of a high school teacher he will never forget.

This conversation with Andy was a powerful reminder that when you reverse engineer anyone's life who is considered "influential" you will always find a treasury of people whose names you will never know but who quietly showed up in that person's life to help them become all they were destined to become.

There is always a way to speak life into those around us. And it is never too late to start. We have no idea how far the ripples will go when we take the time to engage authentically and live with integrity.

Listen to Episode 2 of The Love Better Podcasts featuring Andy Andrews here on iTunes.