Loving Moms Better w/ Lisa Graft - Podcast #20 Show Notes

Show Notes for Podcast with Lisa Graft

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new friend, Lisa Graft, creator of the powerful I Am Mother of the Year movement. Lisa is a professional rockstar with multiple roles outside the home while she and her husband are parenting two young kids.

Please note: This podcast is not only for moms! It’s an important conversation for anyone who feels isolated, needs support and basically anyone who knows a mom and/or has a mom (which is everyone).

Do you desire to be great but have a lot of not-so-great moments? (Doesn’t everyone??) During this podcast, Lisa tells the incredible story of how she started a moment that celebrates both the highs and lows of every great mom’s daily life. It was all born out of her own doubts and experience as a great mom who has not-so-great moments. Now through her blog and Facebook group, the I Am Mother Of the Year community is 3000 moms strong… and growing every day!

This episode, #20 of the Love Better podcast includes fun stories, encouragement, a special shout-out to single moms, some powerful perspective on self-care, tips on avoiding isolation, and some poignant input for spouses and family members to help us express our love better to all the mamas of the world.

Pursuing your best self is important for you and for others in your life! Whether we realize it or not, we all have a sphere of influence through which we set an example for others to follow. When we model a lifestyle of growth, self-care and fulfilling our dreams, we inspire others to do the same.

But we’re human… so let’s talk about the challenges we face. We get tired, discouraged, we’ve never done this before so we make mistakes…yet we can be great moms and still make mistakes.

Quotes & Takeaways from the episode:

· Don’t just think nice things about people…tell them!

· We never know what people are going through in this world…and the only way we’re going to know is to engage with them.

· When we seek to connect and support one another, it’s helpful to realize that we’re all likely doing the best we can. We can inspire and challenge one another to greater potential, but beginning with empathy and acceptance of one another’s experiences is a powerful place to start.

· Real self-care is creating a life you don’t have to escape from. (!!!)

· Every world changer had a mom, therefore every mom is a world changer.

· It’s okay to ask for what you need (or to ask someone else what he or she needs). No need to resent someone who can’t read your mind. Every close, supportive relationship requires clear communication about what you need and how you’re (really) doing. If you don’t know…say that, too!

· We are not created for isolation! Every one of us is wired for meaningful connection. Consider ways you might reach out to others and connect - neighbors, potential mentors, or people in later stages of life with whom you can connect.

· Single moms, you are our heroes! Truly! We can’t overstate how important it is for you to ask for help, connect with great women and find a place where you can process life and fill up your “joy tank” with safe, supportive people. (Start with connecting with other moms at www.iammotheroftheyear.com.)

· Your kids are watching all the time. And, whether or not you have kids, everyone around you notices the example you set in ways you might never realize. What are some ways you are becoming your best self? What are some areas you can pursue further growth? It matters!

Moms of the world, we invite you to join the I Am Mother Of the Year movement here!

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