The Life-giving Possibilities In a Minute

The photos you see here were taken in our backyard, and these babies are just getting started!

The photos you see here were taken in our backyard, and these babies are just getting started!

Any gardeners out there know it’s easier to want a garden when you’re tasting the delicious harvest. But bountiful plates full of homegrown goodness always start out as tiny, seemingly insignificant seeds that could’ve easily been thrown out by someone less patient, who didn’t understand their potential.

It never gets old to me that barely visible seeds of plant material can explode into a flourishing garden in a matter of weeks. It just takes nurturing to make conditions are right for growth.

Similarly, everyone we know wants to enjoy a home/community/world, where they are free to be everything they were meant to be in the world. Yet it’s easy to discount the seemingly unremarkable steps that create that kind of reality.

Every minute we get in this world is like those seeds. They can so easily blow by us or slip between our fingers. But what we do with one minute impacts the next. One minute at a time, we build a life filled with love, trust and connection… or we don’t.

Love doesn’t just happen because we want it. And it doesn’t happen because we need it!

Love only grows into the satisfying, soul-nourishing experience we hope for when we’re willing to make small, intentional choices - one after the next - that create favorable conditions for love to grow. It starts in our own souls, then begins to fill our homes, communities and world.


We are not talking about fleeting, romantic feelings here. We’re talking about the healing power of human connection, which none of us can live without!

Have you ever had the thought, “I’m just not a ‘relationship person’?” We are here to remind you that it simply isn’t true. Because you’re human. And humans have the need for connection wired into our brains.

You have inside you everything it takes to live in deep, satisfying relationships. Just like tiny seeds, those qualities simply need an environment - in your body, mind and soul - where they can take root and grow.

Growth, change, healing, intimacy…these are outcomes that can only be nurtured one minute at a time. In order to enjoy oases of healing in this world, we make moment-by-moment decisions that create favorable conditions for love to flourish.

So, with that in mind, we are pleased to launch the a series of one-minute videos designed to harness the power of a minute. Through simple, actionable challenges, we will encourage one another to plant good seeds that can be savored for generations to come!

We bring you the first-ever Love Better Minute. And in the comments’ we’re longing to hear YOUR stories about minutes that became moments with a little bit of love.