Find a Therapist

Anytime we get stuck working through our weaknesses and blind spots, counseling is a helpful next step.  Marriage and family therapists (MFT) are trained in the treatment all mental disorders and marriage/family therapy.

The therapists you will find at the link below are competent, licensed, highly trained professionals. Many have their website links available so you can learn more about where they practice and how to make an appointment.  

Find a Treatment Center

We know you don’t want to sever your important relationships because of addiction, eating disorders, depression, mental illness, abuse, post-traumatic stress, or any other life altering issues.  Sometimes the only hope of being able to carry on with life is to find a treatment center where you can receive the support and help you need to find your way.

If you live near us here in Central Indiana, here are two resources for those who need support for alcohol and drug dependence:

The button below links to an excellent list of treatment centers all across North America that can help you heal and change the direction you are going.