The Story Behind Love Better


We are Scott and Emily Sutherland, founders of Love Better.  When we met, we had no idea how much we had to learn about loving each other or our fellow humans.

We wanted great relationships, a strong marriage and loving family, but we didn't even know how to love our own selves. There was too much head trash sabotaging our ability to connect authentically with ourselves or others.

As part of a family in ministry, we were grieved to see scripture misinterpreted and weaponized, while pride, hatred, racism, sexism, elitism, abuse of power and corruption ran rampant, completely unaddressed. We witnessed droves of good-hearted spiritual leaders dropping like flies. Then it happened to a close family member, who became isolated by double-standards and a constant diet of shame, criticism and unrealistic expectations. 

That's when we hit RESET.

We began to dismantle twisted versions of faith that didn't match up to the central message Jesus taught and modeled. We studied (and still study) the life and words of Jesus to gain a greater understanding of how to live a life of love in a chaotic, divided world. What we learned is that following Him authentically means learning to love better. 

We believe the quest of learning to love better transforms us from the inside out and creates more connected families and communities whose collective ripple effect is felt all over the world.

Learning to love better isn’t a sudden, momentary transformation. It is a day-by-day, minute-by-minute process.

That’s why we’re here…to lock arms with people like you who are ready to dig in and figure out what it looks like to set the atmosphere for a more loving world.

The ripple effects of love begin in our hearts, then transform our homes, our communities and our world!

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Scott & Emily