16 - Heroes, Villains & Drunk Old Men with Andy & Karla Janning

Becoming the hero in somebody's story is totally doable, no matter who you are or where you are in life. And Love Better is here to help, starting with this beautiful conversation with Andy Janning, author of Heroes, Villains & Drunk Old Men: A Love Story For Real Life, and his incredible wife, Karla, who shares with us how she loved Andy through the peaks and valleys of writing this book.

IMPORTANT BONUS: For Love Better Podcast listeners, Andy is offering a deal for those who order Heroes, Villains & Drunk Old men here. Email your receipt to book@andyjanning.com and Andy will send you three FREE pdfs, including: a workbook to accompany the book entitled, 8 Questions for Every Hero, plus Voices: The Prequel to "Heroes, Villains, and Drunk Old Men"  and Behind The Shots: The Stories Behind The Photographs of "Heroes, Villains & Drunk Old Men."  Hint: Don't miss these beautiful resources. They WILL make a huge difference in your journey of loving better.

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